Is certification really necessary? Doesn’t experience alone qualify you? We understand the uncertainty, and it’s a question we are asked more often. Let’s explore the question – because the bottom line is that there are some definite advantages to receiving change management certification in Kenya.


Advantages of receiving a change management certification in Kenya and Africa in General


  • Research-Based Methodology 

Since 1998, Prosci has conducted biannual bench marking studies on change management. With data from more than 4,500 research participants, our best practices research is the largest body of change management knowledge. You will engage with that research through our practical, up-to-date models and service solutions.


We practice change management because it helps achieve results. You’ll benefit from our research on what works and what doesn’t when applying change management at the individual, project and enterprise levels. We’ll partner with you to ensure that your organization achieves the change outcomes you seek. Whether developing change management maturity or pursuing career advancement, you’ll find our commitment is to equip and guide you to achieve your goals.


The Prosci ADKAR® Model is a simple, common-sense approach to understanding an individual’s change journey. It is easy to explain and allows you to immediately internalize and apply change management concepts. The rest of Prosci’s models and tools are equally intuitive.



We believe in the value of providing you with knowledge, tools and training. Our experience suggests that an internal face for change management is much more effective, so we will support you as you and your organization develop the ability to successfully apply change management on every project and in every situation.


The breadth of our training, tools and services will support you whether you are an individual practitioner looking to further your career or an organization strategically embedding change management capability. Our role-based methodology also ensures that everyone in your organization has the knowledge and tools they need to succeed at change management from beginning to end.