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Talent Services

Professional, Executive or Board Member Search

Helping you find the right fit in your Professional, Executive, or Board Member Search

Let’s face it – finding top talent is not easy today’s competitive environment. You need agile, bold leaders who have the experience and confidence to drive business forward in our ever-changing world. And you need them now.

We get it.

We know the stress that vacant positions can have on the entire organization. We also understand how critical it is to place the right person in the job. That’s why our talent acquisition service is much more than merely recruitment.

Our team has vast experience working in some of the top global consulting firms, which allows us to leverage our wide networks for you. Our knowledge, resources, technology, and AI tools enable us to easily assess the current talent pool and determine the right candidates who can help grow your business, now and into the future

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    Best-in-Class Tools

    We do more than match leaders looking for their next position with open roles. Our talent acquisition strategies help businesses in financial services, development, not-for-profit, public sector and more find, vet and assess the professionals for those hard to fill positions. 

    We offer all of our clients with access to personality and cognitive assessment tools to ensure our clients:  

    • Make better hiring decisions
    • Build stronger teams
    • Assess cultural fit
    • Manage leadership succession
    • Develop leadership competencies

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    Professional Search

    Let us help you fill the middle and senior manager roles with high-performing professionals who will bring lasting change and make an impact.

    Executive Search

    Find the leaders who are the right fit from a cultural, personal and professional standpoint, not only for today but for tomorrow as well.

    Board Member Search

    When a board seat becomes open, we’ll find leaders who possess the right blend of skills and who are aligned with your strategic direction, goals, and needs, now and for the future.

    Employee Outplacement Programme

    Managers working in corporate repository

    Our Approach to Employee Outplacement

    We have merged our change management and talent management expertise to create the Employee Outplacement Program. Our approach, as always, is tailored to our clients’ goals but we endeavour to:

    • Provide psychological and emotional support coupled with practical guidance and advice for staff impacted by a redundancy process.
    • Improve career prospects of impacted staff to obtain future employment or transition into self-employment or entrepreneurship if they so desire.
    • Help staff impacted by the change cope, make the right choices for themselves, and move forward positively.
    • Assist staff remaining in the organisation adjust to the exit of their colleagues.

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    Career Coaching

    career coaching

    Our Approach to Career Coaching

    Our coaching approach is person-centred dialogue, using appreciative coaching processes complemented by positive psychology interventions. We endeavour to be a reflective practitioner, and form a caring and trusting relationship to enable you to self-actualize and have a greater sense of self-awareness.

    We support you to create the life you want both personally and professionally. This will involve working together in a collaborative partnership around the following:

    • Brainstorming strategies together;
    • Providing support, encouragement and validation;
    • Gaining insight into who you are and your potential;
    • Painting a vision of what you can become and accomplish;
    • Exploring possibilities and building on past successes;
    • Accountability and checking up on goals; and
    • Suggesting or designing action steps that lead to great effectiveness and joy.

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    Employer of Record Services

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    Our Approach to Employer of Record Services

    Cedar Africa Group’s EOR services handle many aspects of the business. From finding and hiring talent to managing payroll and ensuring compliance with labour and tax laws, we get you ready to open for business.

    Our EOR services include:

    • Talent Acquisition and Staff Outsourcing
    • Offer Negotiation and Contract Management
    • Employee Onboarding
    • Payroll Processing
    • Tax Administration – Statutory Remittance
    • Workstation and Admin Support
    • Immigration Support – Visa, Special Pass, and Wok Permit Processing (for expatriates)
    • Travel Support – (on a need basis)
    • Relocation Support (for expatriates)
    • Benefits and Insurance Management
    • Company and Employee Registration

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