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Career Coaching

Our Approach to Career Coaching

Cedar Africa Group is an organisation committed to inspiring positive change in individuals and organisations.

We desire to see potential unlocked and performance maximized.

Our coaching approach is person-centered dialogue, using appreciative coaching processes complemented by positive psychology interventions.

We endeavor to be a reflective practitioner, and form a caring and trusting relationship to enable you to self-actualize and have a greater sense of self-awareness.

We support you to create the life you want both personally and professionally.

What Our Career Coaching Services Entail

  • Brainstorming strategies together;
  • Providing support, encouragement and validation;
  • Gaining insight into who you are and your potential;
  • Painting a vision of what you can become and accomplish;
  • Exploring possibilities and building on past successes;
  • Accountability and checking up on goals; and
  • Suggesting or designing action steps that lead to great effectiveness and joy.

Our experienced Transition coaches provide a supportive, neutral, and productive coaching relationship to help you maximize your potential in both a professional and personal capacity while holding you accountable.

They can partner with you if you want to excel in your current career, or if you are seeking a new career choice.

Business leaders, small business owners, managers, and employees at any levels of an organisation who are interested in finding a new direction, developing leadership skills or receiving support and guidance through a career transition will all benefit from engaging with our transition coaches.

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