This is Why you Need a Change Agent Network

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When leading change efforts such as a culture change or IT change, you will often require many diverse resources to ensure the change is adopted and the organisation achieves the desired future state. Therefore, planning and resourcing in times of change is paramount because adoption and sustainment of change are long-term investments.

Adoption and sustainment of change don’t occur just because an awesome solution was designed. It has to get implemented, and then tested, refined, and reinforced. This generally is a longer, and costlier endeavor than most change leaders realise.

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A 2013 study conducted by Prosci® found that the majority of projects had “insufficient resources during implementation” with “less than 40% reporting ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ change management effectiveness.”

So how can you maximize the effectiveness of your available resources? 

One of the most important change management components to accomplish this is the Change Agent Network – teammates who are prepared to succeed and lead the way for others!

What is a Change Agent Network?

A Change Agent Network, often also known as “Change Champions” or “Change Advocates”, is a selected group of individuals representing various parts of the business that will be affected by a change.

They play many roles, including communicating changes to their teams and representing their needs and concerns. They use their influence to ensure employee engagement and encourage quick adoption of the change.

Several benefits of an effective Change Agent Network especially relevant to a culture change or IT change include the following:

This is why you need a change agent network

Next Step

To realize the full benefits of Change Agent Network, the selected individuals need to be fully equipped and supported on how they can lead change. They need to understand their critical role in transitioning the organisation to the desired future state.

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