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Change Management

What is Change Management?

Change Management as a discipline has evolved and matured over the past quarter of a century. Research continues to demonstrate that successful change requires a combined focus on the technical aspects of the change such as technology, processes, or culture as well as the support needed for people to adopt and engage. 

The end goal of Change Management is to help people embrace and adopt the change for the organization to be more successful and effective.

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Why Change Management?

These are times of great disruption and to thrive and out-change competition, organizations must implement and sustain large and complex changes at rapid rates. The ability to adapt to change will be a key competitive advantage. At the centre of change are people, who need to adapt to new ways of working and behaving to improve organizational performance.

Change Management is centered on guiding, equipping and preparing people to adapt to change to drive successful outcomes.

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My most valuable takeaway is understanding the whole idea of being a change management practitioner. Handy tools I can now use to effect change for my clients will be the PCT and ADKAR® tools. Assessing the resources in the Prosci portal is the best deal for me. It was an excellent experience for me. I have added a new skill and hope to optimize its use”.

Beverly (Aziagba) Keguna

Public Health Analyst, Canada

Understanding of ADKAR®, the Prosci 3-Phase Process, and how to develop a Change Management Plan were my highlights from this training. I must say the training is very insightful and experiential.

Edward Kwesi Nyamekye

Senior Manager of Partnership, Compassion International – Ghana

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