Research supports it…70% failure rate on all change initiatives. Just wondering, hasn’t anyone updated this statistic? You know something like…we’re now down to 63% failure rate…that would be consoling don’t you think? And with such a high figure there’s all reason to fear.

Not to mention, the last time those guys tried a new system it was a complete disaster, money was lost, and heads rolled. And how about those other guys whose new product line was a non-starter? They lost more than half their customers and today are on their knees. So, I change? Hell no!

Indeed, fear for change is real, and here’s what to do other than quitting cos winners never quit, and you know the rest…

1) Jump off the cliff

That’s right because you have no option…behind you is a pride of hungry and angry lions approaching and ready to tear you into pieces; ahead of the cliff is a lake. Chances are you will survive down there…up here no chances.

More often than not in change situations, you are faced with the decision to proceed or not to proceed. It might be that you have no choice but to proceed. Maintaining the status quo means complete failure. It will go on record that you had a chance to do one thing that you never did, which could have saved the day. If there are little options, just do it…commission the change; chances are it could turn out right.

In 1999 Nissan the motor corporation had only one choice, accept to be bought or close business. They literary had those two choices, stay on the cliff or jump…they jumped and two decades later they are worth over $40 billion from bankruptcy.

2) It’s worth a million dollars

Indeed, you have done your analysis and are certain taking the risk is worth it in hard cash and other benefits. The promise is so compelling, there is a solid business case for change, the risk is worth taking, and the options are quite a few. Fear should be the last thing on your mind.

3) Bomb disposal unit will do it

Do you want to disarm a ticking time bomb? You don’t fumble with it…you call the experts. So, it is with change especially if it is high risk in a volatile business environment and when a rapid response is required.

Engaging change management experts significantly minimises chances of …yes…BOOM…an explosion!

And here’s where the 70% failure rate statistic changes. PROSCI global research has shown that expert change management interventions resulted in over 80% success rate (PROSCI, 2019).

With experts on your change journey, you can have confidence in your change succeeding rather than failing. It happened for others who did it, why not yours?

Fear is an enemy to progress and growth; perhaps it is the very reason we fail. There are more reasons to not fear to implement change than one would imagine. So, get on with the change, do the right thing and you will see yourself and your team on the other side celebrating success.

Written By Dr. Antony Mburu

Dr. Mburu is a Organisation Development and Change Management Consultant