Appearance is a big part of the interview process after all, the saying goes, ‘dress how you would like to be addressed.’ Some assume that dressing right for a job interview is just the normal flair and fail to make the attempt to get it right. What people fail to understand is what is appropriate to wear to an interview depends on the type of job and company you are interviewing with.

The rule of the thumb with interview attire is to have a professional and polished look regardless of the type of job you are seeking. This means that dressing right is supercritical because the interviewer makes their first judgment based on what they see; this is what you are wearing and how you look in it.

Do you want to make a great impression? Here are some tips on how to do just it:

Toned down colour: The goal is to stand out in a subtle way that showcases you as a professional instead of looking like you are screaming for attention. This is not to say wear only dark clothes; just that if you want to wear a daring colour, tone it down or balance it with a matching conservative colour. For instance, if you want to wear a bright pink shirt, you might want to pair it with a grey or black suit. Let the colour enhance you not distract the interviewer.

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Mind your scent: In a physical interview, you can make a statement with your perfume or cologne; just be sure it is a good one. You can never know whether the interviewer is allergic to strong scents so keep it light, subtle, and tasteful. It would be sad if the interview would be affected because the interviewer must leave or gets distracted by your scent. In this case, less is so much more.

Watch your step: It is easy to underestimate the value of a comfortable shoe. If you are uncomfortable, your walk is unsteady which increases anxiety, affects your confidence, and harms your overall presentation. Let the attention be on you not your shoes. Dark coloured, well-fitting official shoes with dark coloured socks are recommended for men while bright ‘happy’ socks are a no-no here. For women, it is recommended that medium to low heeled official shoes are good. If you took public transport to get to the meeting, be sure to clean up before you enter the waiting area.

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Adorn tastefully: Jewellery is a part of our daily lives but more than ever in this an instance of less is more. Ensure your jewellry enhances your overall outfit and does not distract or overwhelm it.

Do your dress code homework: As part of understanding the culture of the organisation you are interviewing with, check the pictures and watch the videos posted on their website for an idea of their overall vibe around the dress code.

Stay comfortable: It is important to be comfortable in your skin when interviewing so you can stay calm and answer questions correctly. Uncomfortable clothes or footwear increases your anxiety, and this may seem like nervousness due to inexperience to the recruiter and affect your chances. Wear something that will fit you well instead of new, itchy clothes.

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How you dress and present yourself is no less important in the current virtual world because anything that contributes to discomfort affects our chances on any platform. Be sure to adjust your dressing so that it supports your credential and gets you that position.

Davis Muli – Communication and Marketing Specialist