What is Driving Digital Change in the East African Market?

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Digital transformation is often described as the process of using digital technology to create new or modify existing business processes, culture, and customer experiences to cater for changing business needs and market requirements.

As organisations around the globe evolve from the COVID-19 pandemic and further navigate political, economic, and social challenges, they are seeking to drive growth, value, and improved efficiencies through ambitious digital strategies.

Cedar Africa Group conducted a survey among change leaders in East Africa to understand their experience in leading, supporting and implementing various digital initiatives, gain an understanding of the impact of these initiatives and the results observed.

The survey respondents were drawn from different sectors, with

Digital Transformation

Key Findings

Most, if not all organisations are going through digital transformation to better serve their customers and retain or grow their market share. According to the Change leaders surveyed,

Digital Transformation

In 2023, the rate of digital transformation is expected to increase across most organisations as companies seek to maintain or create a competitive edge. Data from the survey indicates that;

Through the survey, we sought to understand why the rate of digital changes is expected to increase, and the respondents pointed out the following as the key drivers;

In the public sector however, survey respondents shared that budgetary constraints and austerity measures might slow down digitization leading to a delay in some projects targeted at improving efficiencies and customer experience     

of business leaders are of the view that digital transformation will disrupt their industry and a significant amount of resources will need to be being set aside to implement digital strategies.


Digital transformation drivers

Feedback from the survey pointed to the following factors as key drivers for organisations digital strategies.

Other areas of digital transformation

Leaders expect to enhance the efficiency and profitability of their organisation once they undertake a digital transformation project. This is their return on investment after committing resources to digitizing their operations and better serve their customers.

Is digitization bearing fruit?


According to the surveyed change leaders, the following are the top enabling factors for a digital change to be successful


On the flipside, the respondents reported that digital transformation projects usually fail due to;


The surveyed leaders gave the following recommendations to improve the success of digital transformation strategies:


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