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Outplacement Programme

Separation with an employer is a stressful event. It can be even more difficult in certain seasons, making finding another position an uphill task.


Our approach...

In this area where extra support is so needed, we have married our change management and talent management expertise to create a new programme. Our approach, as always, is tailored to our clients’ goals but we would endeavour to: 

Provide a combination of both psychological and emotional support coupled with practical guidance and advice for staff impacted by a redundancy process


Improve prospects of impacted staff obtaining future employment or transitioning into self-employment or entrepreneurship if they so desire

Help staff impacted by the change to cope, make the right choices for themselves and make a positive move forward

Assist staff remaining in the organisation adjust to exit of their colleague

Behind the Programme

With a team of globally accredited, experienced coaches and recruiters, we bring extensive market knowledge, strategies and tailored approaches to meet our clients’ specific needs. We would love to chat if you would like to find out more.


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