Change Management Training

Engage every level of your organization in your change initiatives

Our role based training programs target individuals at every level of the organisation to help them apply change management to existing projects to achieve success in your initiatives. We come to your organization and show you how to practically apply change management to all your projects, strategies and initiatives.

For Senior Leadership

Prosci Sponsor Briefing Program

Strong leadership is a key factor in building and deploying any change. We speak to sponsors directly and demonstrate to sponsors and executive members exactly how critical change management is to their continued success.

For Change Practitioners

Prosci Change Management Certification

Our three day workshop will equip you with change management skills to successfully drive your projects. We train your change team on the Prosci® methodology, tools and ADKAR® Model to enable them to develop scaled change management strategies for projects and initiatives.

For People Managers

Leading Your Team Through Change

Managers play a critical role in change as they are the first point of contact for employees to understand what the change and is and how it impacts them. We teach managers to be effective change leaders and understand their role in change initiatives.

For Project Managers

Delivering Project Results Workshop

 Project management and change management are often seen as independent functions. However, the two functions can be integrated to facilitate smooth project delivery. We help project managers and change leaders speak the same language to achieve their objectives.

For Frontline Employees

Prosci Employee Orientation Program

Employees need to accept and be fully engaged to ensure change efforts are successful. In this program, we help reduce resistance to change by helping employees smoothly transition to your evolving organization.

For Leaders and Stakeholder Groups

Taking Charge of Change

There is a need for stakeholder groups to understand how change impact them and for leaders to evaluate how change management can benefit their organisation. We teach the fundamentals of change management and how organisations can benefit from effective change management.

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