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Change Management Employee Orientation

Employees need to accept and be fully engaged to ensure change efforts are successful.

Course Description

The Employee Orientation gives employees the ability to process changes that are impacting them. This one day program equips frontline employees with the framework and skills to lead themselves through change and transform their organization from a culture of resistance to a culture of resilience.

Course Details

Length: 1 day

This program is for employees who are being impacted by change. It is most effective when employees impacted by the same changes can attend the program together.

During Change Management Employee Orientation, participants will:

  • Evaluate a current change in their jobs to understand and internalize learning
  • Learn how to use the Prosci ADKAR® Model to identify their points of resistance
  • Discover how to communicate about a change in a way that is productive and proactive
  • Create proactive strategies for overcoming their own resistance
  • Become confident and empowered in the change process rather than victimized by it

Participants will receive:

  • Program workbook
  • Employee Survival Guide to Change or ADKAR: A Model for Change

  • Change is a process
  • Organizational change history and values
  • Resistance and emotional reactions to change


  • Emotional reaction to change
  • Senders and receivers
  • Prosci ADKAR® Model
  • Developing your own action plans

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