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Delivering Project Results Workshop

Project management and change management are often seen as independent functions. However, the two functions can be integrated to facilitate smooth project delivery. We help project managers and change leaders speak the same language to achieve their objectives.

Course Description

This results-oriented, 6-8-hour workshop enables project managers to integrate change management into active projects, a practice that is key in delivering enhanced results. Project leaders will leave with an understanding of the importance of change management in meeting project objectives and with a common language for change.

Course Details

Length: 6-8 hours

  • Project managers
  • Intact project teams
  • Project team member

During the Change Management Workshop, participants will:

  • Create a common framework for engaging with change management practitioners
  • Learn to identify when their project needs change management
  • Map change management work to their project using the Prosci Change Management Blueprint
  • Understand how change management supports the adoption and usage of change initiatives
  • Understand the connection between employee adoption and project results and outcomes
  • Identify impacted employee groups

Participants will receive:

  • Program workbook
  • Change Management Blueprint
  • Change Management Best Practices Research Exposé
  • Recorded Webinar: Integrating Change Management and Project Management
  • Change Management: the people side of change
  • ADKAR: A Model for Change
  • Defining change management within the context of a project
    • Intent
    • Objectives
    • Scope
    • Work streams
    • Milestones
    • Deliverables
    • Timelines
  • Integrating project management and change management
    • People
    • Processes
    • Tools
  • Cost-benefit analysis
    • What it takes to get started
    • The payoff of change management

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